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34-Hour Reset

Well, I started this trip out last Friday. I had a load of ice cream that I picked up in Sikeston, MO going to Henderson, NV. I got on the edge of OK coming out of AR & got a call from my dispatcher saying that the system showed my load as a “southern route” ( certain items can’t go through the mountains in Flagstaff, AZ because of the altitude). So, I had to change my route up & started heading south which added a bunch of miles to the trip. I still had to deliver it the same day so I had to run pretty hard the next few days. Did between 500 & 600 everyday. That used up alot of my clock & now that I’m on my next load, have gotten to close to my 70-hour clock for the 7 days. 

I got a load out of the same place there in Henderson going to MN (another long trip) so now I have to take a 34-reset (sit for 34 hours to reset my 70 hour clock so I can deliver this one & do a couple more loads before I go home next Friday). The shipper held me so long that I couldn’t make the 6:00am delivery this morning in MN so it got rescheduled for Monday. I ran really hard yesterday (650 miles) & made it to Miles City, MT & now gonna sit, relax until Sunday afternoon until I start on the last 550 miles to get this delivered Monday morning. 

It’s kinda nice running into resets out on the road sometimes because you get to explore little towns that you never heard of & sure as hell never thought that you would get to see. However, now that I have my dog Ledger out with me, gonna have to wait til dark (when it gets cooler so I don’t have to leave him in a hot truck) to check this town out. Tell me some things you do on a reset away from home? Gonna leave you with a shot I got at a truck stop in ID. Til next time peeps… 

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Some Credit Is Due

I’m from Bartlett (Memphis), TN & live just south of there in Mississippi now. My home terminal is right on the border of Memphis & Mississippi too. So, naturally when it’s close to time for me to come home…I get loads that deliver in that general area. There is a Wal-Mart DC that I deliver to alot in New Albany, MS which is only 60 miles from my terminal. There is a small truck stop a half a mile before you get to the Wal-Mart after you get off the interstate. That’s what I want to talk to you about.

It’s called “Regal Truck Stop”. It looks to be pretty old & kinda small, but it looks as if they are always working on it a little to make it nicer. They have pretty good food & enough parking for probably 12-15 trucks. Here is where I want to give the credit…I was there last night & there were two guys working that I haven’t seen before. They were really nice & made good conversation while I was in there. I asked for a roll of my dip (Copenhagen) which is 5 cans & they only had 2. I also informed then that their chocolate milk was out of date. One of them asked me if I had about 10 minutes? I said sure because I am shut down for my 10 hour break & couldn’t go anywhere til the morning. Turns out, they own another store right down the road & he went & got my dip & a good chocolate milk for me. Now, that’s what I call customer/trucker service.

Gonna leave you with a shot of a really sharp custom truck that is inside a Petro on I-44 at exit 4 in Missouri. That place is really awesome if you haven’t been there. Til next time peeps…


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A Little Heavy

We get loaded at the port in Gloucester City, NJ quite a bit. I had a pick up there today & I have always gone 30 miles south to get weighed after getting loaded. That was what I thought was the closest truck stop to that place to do that.

So, after getting my load today I started heading south to the one I have always gone to so I could weigh out. While on the way there, I noticed a truck stop alot closer that I have never seen before. Got to my usual spot, weighed & went in to get my scale ticket so I could roll on towards my delivery. Well, not so fast….I was 2,320 lbs over weight. Great, now I have to drive 30 miles back & ask them to take some stuff off. They took off two pallets & then I set my GPS to that other truck stop I saw & it was only 12 miles away. At least I know from now on where to go in case I get over loaded again. Hope you are all good & have a good weekend. Watch you some March Madness & pull for my University of Memphis Tigers….lol.

Gonna leave you with a shot of some boats I got there at the port today. Til next time peeps…


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The Truck Stop

Back in April of this year when I decided to quit my job & go to school to be a truck driver, an idea came to me while I was in that school. I knew then that I was totally changing things up for my life & my family. I met some really cool people in that school & made a few friends. Of course we were all from different areas so I started thinking of how we could all stay in touch (knew we weren’t all gonna go to work for the same company or even in the same state for that matter). So, I created a group on Facebook for truck drivers called “The Truck Stop”.It was pretty cool seeing all the new friends I made in the school talking about their new jobs & stuff.

I have been working hard trying to really promote it lately with the idea of now turning it into something huge. I created a Twitter account for it (you can follow @truckstoponfb). I have also decided to open it up to the trucking industry as a whole, not just drivers. So, if you are a trucking company, broker, work on trucks, sell trucks, or even own a CB shop…come on over & join us. I want it to be the place that everybody recognizes when it comes to trucking. I figured with all this going on in there, everybody could benefit. I had a broker join a few days ago & she has been posting loads she has available so that might really help out some of you owner operators. Would love to have you all, so come & have some fun, meet new friends, give or receive tips, & maybe even pick up a load or two. I know some people don’t like Facebook, but it’s free & you could just create an account just to join the group & not mess with all the other stuff. Let’s make this the community that everybody wants to be a part of. You can get to it right here…. The Truck Stop Gonna leave you all with a shot of my truck from yesterday. Finally got it washed & then woke up at 5:00 this morning to roll out & it rained on it all night while I was asleep. Go figure. Til next time peeps…


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I Love It

Well, after 27 years of working I have finally found a job that I absolutely love. After 3 weeks of an 11 hour a day school, 5 weeks on the road training, now a month on my own….I am so much more happy with my career & life. I have a wonderful family & now a job to go along with it. I will be 44 in November & as long as my health & eyesight stays good, I can pretty much stay at this until I’m in my early 70’s. So it’s basically like starting over….building up new benefits & starting up a whole new retirement plan. By the time I’m ready to hang up the keys, my wife & I should be able to sit back, relax, & enjoy what’s left of our lives together.

Yes, it has been really hard being away from them for such long periods of time, but when I do get home, it makes it that much better for all of us from missing each other so bad. Plus, I know it will better for them in the long run. I have a chance here to make more money than I ever have & that has to be good for them right? I already have been bringing home $300/week more than I did at the job that I quit to pursue this. I should have done this a long time ago. I have been around this profession in some sort of way for a long time….I guess actually driving one was next & last on the list. I managed guys that loaded trucks for almost three years, I was a broker for about a year & a half, then I was also a dispatcher for close to two years.

It’s really hard, (which I like because if it were easy, you would get bored), you get to see all kinds of things & cities that you might not have ever gotten the chance to see otherwise. You don’t really have time to get out, enjoy, or do things, but seeing things you have always wanted to is really cool. There are so many things to keep up with & remember along with paying attention & driving safely. It’s always different each day even though you might go to some of the same places. Getting to a new place & trying to figure out how in the hell your gonna get this 53 ft trailer in there is always a challenge, but keeps you on your toes. Maybe someday something may hit me wrong & make me think (you dumbass, why did you get into this), but right now I am really loving it. I kinda see now how people can say “I love my job & enjoy getting up & going to work”, because I have sure never been able to say that before. Any of you out there that are truck drivers that might have stumbled across my blog, come check out the group I started on Facebook for truck drivers. Would love to have you as a part of it. The Truck Stop

Gonna leave you with a shot of my new hot rod.

Til next time peeps…


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