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Stuck In Wyoming

So, I got loaded in Idaho yesterday morning going to Colorado. I stopped in Rock Springs, WY to get fuel. After I got rolling again on I-80 there was a digital sign across the road saying that it is closed 110 miles ahead due to snow & high winds. So, I found a truck stop about 60 miles further down the road in Wamsutter, WY & barely made it here. It started snowing & the wind was blowing so hard that you could barely see. I got here yesterday close to 4:00 I think & have been here ever since. Now I am hearing rumors that it’s gonna be closed another 48 hours. 

They opened it up before I got shut down for like 2 hours & then there was a bad 60 car pile-up. The good thing is that the report says there were no fatalities. I don’t mind sitting from time to time because it gives you chance to relax, but man this is getting crazy. I have done watched 4 movies…that’s the bad part about sitting at a truck stop for too long, you end up spending way more money than you want to. It has snowed on me here three times since I have been here. So tired of that white shit & ready to just be able to drive & do my job without dealing with that crap. Here is a shot of some snow covered mountains behind our terminal in Salt Lake City that I got a couple of days ago. Til next time peeps…


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Was Doing Good Til Today

While alot of the country has been getting hit with snow, I have pretty much stayed out of it up in the North West (where it usually is) til early this morning. I’m heading to Casa Grande, AZ from Logan, UT & when I got on US-89 early this morning, it had been & was snowing. It was tough, couldn’t see where the edge of the road was, trailer was sliding from time to time, & my wipers kept getting caked up with ice & wasn’t cleaning my windshield good. Normally I would have stopped, but when your on these smaller highways…not many rest areas or truck stops.

I finally found one in Mt. Carmel, UT & stopped to eat & wait a bit to see if it got better. I’m pretty close to the Arizona line & saw a post from another driver on Facebook coming North on 89 that it was closed at the border because of the snow. I was all set to roll out in the morning so I decided to check out the weather. They are calling for 8-12 inches tonight through Tuesday morning right where I’m at. Looks like I may be here a while. Be safe out there. Til next time peeps…


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New Part Of Career Is Done

Hope you all have been good. Sorry that I have been missing for a while. Once I got into the “training” thing, it was just too hard for me to find time to do much else. That’s what I wanted to talk about. The last time I got to write for you, I had started training. Well, I’m done with it now. I didn’t like it. It felt good “teaching”, but was tough in most other areas. It totally messed up my schedule that I had set myself up on since becoming a solo driver. Plus you get no sleep….you can’t sleep while the trainee is driving & because there are two of us in the truck, they want you to do more miles in a day than you would if you were solo.

I like to leave real early every morning (between 3:00 & 6:00 am) so I can shut down for the day early. Since I couldn’t sleep while they were driving, I was getting up that early & letting them drive 8-9 hours & then I would drive a few more. Sitting in the passenger seat all day wore me down more than driving. Not to mention all the time in between that you had to go somewhere & let them practice backing for a couple of hours. The ones I did train did really well & are still doing good, but it’s just not for me. I love my job & was scared that it was gonna make not like it anymore. Anyway, gonna try to be on here more now that I’m back on my own.

A couple of Fridays ago I got stuck driving 215 miles in the snow coming out of Colorado. I’m gonna leave you with a shot of how dirty your truck gets doing that. Til next time peeps…


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I Can’t See

The Friday before last I got loaded in Arkansas to go up to Auburn, Washington. I had been up there once back in the summer when I was in training. I hadn’t been yet on my own & wasn’t crazy about going since it’s winter now. I’m not one of those drivers that’s gonna tell my dispatcher “I’m not going there”. It’s our job to go where they need us to go. So, I set out for this long journey & was just hoping I wouldn’t run into parts on I-80 that was closed off or needed to have chains put on. If you need to put chains on, it’s too bad to drive these long, heavy things in my opinion. Other than worrying about all the mountains, snow, sleet, ice & whatever else, I did kinda want to go because it’s so beautiful up there. Just go in a car.

Anyway, I made that delivery (after waking up that morning with “pink eye”) & was wondering what I was gonna get next. Hoping I had a little time to rest & recoup my eye. It was great, my next pick up was 2 days later & back down in Oregon. I went on & left the next morning to get as close as I could to the pick up. It was like 43 degrees & pretty….no snow in sight. Then, a little ways ahead I saw what looked to be a wall of fog. It made sense because there were streams & lakes all around. I figured once I drove in it for a little while I would get through it. As soon as I got in it, the temp dropped to 12 degrees & could hardly see. Cars were passing me & then they would disappear right in front of me. Keeping in mind that this was like 2:00 in the afternoon. It was weird too because usually fog gets your windshield wet & you have to use your wipers. Well, this never did that….it was almost as if it were smoke. I slowed way down & got through it, but this went on close to 100 miles. I’ll try to catch you all a little later (shut down now in Colorado because of snow). Gonna leave you with a shot of this mess. Til next time peeps…


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