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Day 5 & Going Pretty Good

Well, today has been the fifth day that Ledger has been on the road with me. I was only really worried about taking him to the bathroom on a leash because he is so strong he pulls you where he wants to go. But so far he has been good at listening to me. He has always liked riding & I figured this would be even better because he has so much more room in this big rig. My only complaint is when we stop & he sees somebody walking around….he goes crazy with the barking & growling. They can be 300 yards away, but I guess he thinks they are coming to the truck. It’s annoying, but I know he is just trying to protect me. 

He has got it all figured out now on this day 5. As soon as we roll out in the mornings, he gets back in my bed & sleeps all day. But, like an alarm in his head…as soon as I slow down on an exit ramp & stop to turn, he pops straight up & jumps back in the front seat so he can start picking out people to yell at…lol, he’s so damn funny. It’s been great so far & I love having him with me. Here he is laying in the bed. Til next time peeps… 


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Needs Improvement

If you have been following along, you know that I started with a Volvo truck & just got a brand new one last month. These trucks have curtains that you can pull around to meet in the middle to block your windows for sleep. We also have some that pull across behind the front seats to make your sleeping area really dark. You can leave them open & use the ones in the front to give you more room. I trained in an International & now have driven two Volvos. I love them, but wish they would find a better way for these curtains to work. They have these little plastic tabs attached to them that slide in this metal track so they can meet in the middle of your windshield to cover up all the light & give you some privacy. Some of those tabs were broke in my old truck when I got it so the curtains would droop down in spots. So I pretty much quit using them & just switched to the back curtains, just as good but you loose some room while being dark & private.

I haven’t even tried to use them in my new truck til two nights ago. They were so neatly tucked in behind my seats didn’t want to mess with them yet. The other night I decided to pull the passenger side out & around because the sun was bugging me while I laid in the bed. Keep in mind that they have never been used. When I unsnapped the strap to pull them out, two of those damn tabs were already broken. Now, how the hell did this happen without them ever being used? Maybe they tested them & they broke & just didn ‘t fix them? Who knows, but it ‘s crazy. Wish they would figure out a more sturdy way to secure these things. Guess I will just keep using the back curtains.

Gonna leave a shot of them for you to see. Til next time peeps…


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