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A New Thing

Hello, I just wanted to share something new with you all that I have found. I did a post a while back about creating a YouTube channel & did it for a little bit. I pretty much have to do all my internet stuff out here on the road from my phone & working on the design of your channel is too hard from a phone, so when I can get online with my laptop, I will be deleting my channel. 

I wanted to tell you what I have found that is really cool & from now on I will be using it instead. Go download the app called “Periscope”…it’s made by Twitter. Your videos are actually “live”….as I am broadcasting, you can leave comments or ask questions & I can answer you while I’m talking. It’s really pretty sharp & catching on. Also, while you are watching a video…tap the screen for how many times you want to leave that person “hearts” (which are “likes”)…the more total hearts people receive, the better chance they have at new people finding them. The only draw back is if you can’t watch it live, the video only stays in there for 24 hours. I’m gonna work alot harder on it to bring you guys good stuff from the road & the trucking life. I won’t be able to answer questions on the videos of me driving because my phone will be mounted to my GPS & I can’t read what you are saying. Would love to have you all come follow & leave me some hearts if you like the video. Since it’s from Twitter, it pulls your info from there for your initial set-up so my name on there is “The Truck Stop”. Hope you come follow along & see the beautiful things & places I get to see. Gonna leave you with a shot of Ledger trying to drive one day to help the ole man out…lol. Til next time peeps… 


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