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34-Hour Reset

Well, I started this trip out last Friday. I had a load of ice cream that I picked up in Sikeston, MO going to Henderson, NV. I got on the edge of OK coming out of AR & got a call from my dispatcher saying that the system showed my load as a “southern route” ( certain items can’t go through the mountains in Flagstaff, AZ because of the altitude). So, I had to change my route up & started heading south which added a bunch of miles to the trip. I still had to deliver it the same day so I had to run pretty hard the next few days. Did between 500 & 600 everyday. That used up alot of my clock & now that I’m on my next load, have gotten to close to my 70-hour clock for the 7 days. 

I got a load out of the same place there in Henderson going to MN (another long trip) so now I have to take a 34-reset (sit for 34 hours to reset my 70 hour clock so I can deliver this one & do a couple more loads before I go home next Friday). The shipper held me so long that I couldn’t make the 6:00am delivery this morning in MN so it got rescheduled for Monday. I ran really hard yesterday (650 miles) & made it to Miles City, MT & now gonna sit, relax until Sunday afternoon until I start on the last 550 miles to get this delivered Monday morning. 

It’s kinda nice running into resets out on the road sometimes because you get to explore little towns that you never heard of & sure as hell never thought that you would get to see. However, now that I have my dog Ledger out with me, gonna have to wait til dark (when it gets cooler so I don’t have to leave him in a hot truck) to check this town out. Tell me some things you do on a reset away from home? Gonna leave you with a shot I got at a truck stop in ID. Til next time peeps… 

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70 Hour Clock

I’m sure most of you have heard that us truck drivers can only drive so many hours a day. But, did you know that we can also only be “on duty” for 70 hours in a 7 day stretch? My wife got to come back out with me last Friday & I was to get her back home this morning to give my parents a break from watching our kids so she could go. We took a load out to Vegas & then picked up one in Utah that I was gonna drop in Kansas City. I was to then pick up in Carthage, Mo to take a load home to get her back. Well, that load cancelled before we got to KC.

I ran so hard trying to make all this happen (did 625 miles Wednesday & 615 on Thursday) that I didn’t pay attention to that 70 hour clock & it snuck up on us. I was now (yesterday) faced with not enough hours to get her home. This Utah load was actually going all the way to Anderson, In so I just stayed on it instead of dropping it in KC. On the way, we found a Pilot truck stop in Effingham, IL that had a Greyhound bus station inside of it. So, I put her on a bus late last night & got her sexy self home early this morning. I delivered the load to Anderson this morning & made my way down here to Franklin, In for my pick up in the morning. I will get almost 11 hours back tonight so I will be able to get this load down to Memphis tomorrow. I have been doing this almost a year now & have never seen or heard of a bus station in a truck stop. Thought that it was so wild that we found one right when we needed it. Crazy how things work sometimes huh?

Gonna leave you all with a shot I got at a little truck stop in Golden, Co on the way here. Til next time peeps…


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