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Something Funny

I’m sure you have all seen all the crazy things drivers have to carry on flatbed trailers. Pools, bulldozers, helicopters, windmill blades, etc. I don’t think I could do that kind of driving or at least wouldn’t want to. Trying to throw on those huge tarps, always tightening all the chains or straps when you stop & not even mentioning when it’s 100 degrees outside or -10 degrees. I think it would be cool pulling one & being able to actually see your load, but that’s not for me. I like backing into a door & relaxing until they tell me they are done with me…..driving 500-650 miles a day is enough work. 
Anyway, I was backed in at this little truck stop in Iowa today taking my 30 minute break, when I saw this flatbed fixing to back in beside me. It was really a good looking truck, but I was looking all around for the “oversized load” banners & his escort cars & didn’t see any of that. Sure would have thought that he would have needed them because he was hauling a dump truck…..guess I should say “Tonka” dump truck. I thought it was so cool & wild that he thought of that. What are some crazy things you have seen on flatbeds? Til next time peeps… 



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Where’s The Beef?

Ok, so I loaded in Wisconsin on Tuesday heading for Utah. I pretty much had to come down all the way through Wisconsin, then across Iowa & Nebraska. I just barely got into Wyoming before I shut down today. I don’t see how there isn’t enough food for everybody? Those four states together are just one big ass farm. I’m so tired of seeing cows & corn…lol. I’m by no means trying to make fun of any of you that are from this area, but what the hell do you do for fun…..go muddin & cow tipping? Being from Memphis & close to Mississippi I know all about those things, but my god I haven’t seen anything else in two days. I still have to go all the way across Wyoming tomorrow. I sure hope things change some in Utah. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful at first & I love seeing the old farm houses & worn out barns, but four states of it? We could build about 6-7 entire cities out there & people could move there so New York, Atlanta, & Los Angeles wouldn’t be so crowded. Well, I need to get some sleep so I can get up early & head across Wyoming tomorrow. Gonna leave you a shot of a pretty sharp Peterbilt I saw at a truck stop today in Nebraska. Til next time peeps…


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