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East vs West

So, I’m always hearing about drivers complaining about going to different parts of the country. They say I prefer the west coast or I prefer the east coast. I even heard a driver at one of our terminals say he told his dispatcher that his atlas was blank east of Tennessee. It seems that most to me would rather run out west, I on the other hand prefer the east. I guess it’s maybe because when I first started on my own…Indiana was about the farthest west (being out of Memphis) I went for a while. I stayed east & north east for a good while & basically learned to drive a truck there. I don’t turn loads down (I go wherever they need me to go), but I don’t like California & Oregon. 

Oregon is just beautiful, but both of these states has the truck speed limit at 55mph. I’m not one that complains about our trucks being goverened to certain speeds, but both of these states have alot of hills/mountains & when we hit these with loaded trucks it’s hard for us to get up them. We end up only going like 35-40mph. That makes for a very long day. Feels like you have been working your ass off & not getting anywhere. I guess that’s my main reason for not liking going there. It’s a pain to find truck parking in California too. 

The other thing that I do like about the east is…winter. They prepare the roads ahead of time & it’s much easier & safer for all drivers. Out west, they either tell you to throw on chains or they just completley shut the road down. I don’t mind the rest of the west, just not all the way to the coast. Where do you like to run & why? Here is a shot of a cool truck I got at a Pilot in Texas. Later found out that it was done on CMT’s “Trick My Truck”. Til next time peeps…


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70 Hour Clock

I’m sure most of you have heard that us truck drivers can only drive so many hours a day. But, did you know that we can also only be “on duty” for 70 hours in a 7 day stretch? My wife got to come back out with me last Friday & I was to get her back home this morning to give my parents a break from watching our kids so she could go. We took a load out to Vegas & then picked up one in Utah that I was gonna drop in Kansas City. I was to then pick up in Carthage, Mo to take a load home to get her back. Well, that load cancelled before we got to KC.

I ran so hard trying to make all this happen (did 625 miles Wednesday & 615 on Thursday) that I didn’t pay attention to that 70 hour clock & it snuck up on us. I was now (yesterday) faced with not enough hours to get her home. This Utah load was actually going all the way to Anderson, In so I just stayed on it instead of dropping it in KC. On the way, we found a Pilot truck stop in Effingham, IL that had a Greyhound bus station inside of it. So, I put her on a bus late last night & got her sexy self home early this morning. I delivered the load to Anderson this morning & made my way down here to Franklin, In for my pick up in the morning. I will get almost 11 hours back tonight so I will be able to get this load down to Memphis tomorrow. I have been doing this almost a year now & have never seen or heard of a bus station in a truck stop. Thought that it was so wild that we found one right when we needed it. Crazy how things work sometimes huh?

Gonna leave you all with a shot I got at a little truck stop in Golden, Co on the way here. Til next time peeps…


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