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Oh, The Rest Areas

I know you are familiar with rest areas from family vacations growing up. We have them all over the south where I’m from. Alot of truckers park in them at night. I have every now & then if I was running late, but mostly just use them for quick bathroom breaks because they are real easy to get in & out of. What I never knew until I became a truck driver, is that up in the northeast they are called “Service Plazas”. They are really cool….you can get fuel, they have a few restaurants in them, Starbucks, & small  convenience stores in them.

We went on vacation every summer when my brother & I were growing up & way back then I had the idea or wondered why nobody had thought to put gas/fuel pumps & stores in the rest areas. I guess somebody with money & the same idea started them up here in the northeast. Money always beats you to the punch on great ideas huh? Anyway, I think they should change all the rest areas over to these “Service Plazas”. They are really cool & makes traveling alot easier on you than having to get off at an exit & go through all the traffic & lights. Next time you travel up here, be sure to check one out. Gonna leave you with a shot I take earlier of just some trees at this one I’m at tonight. It’s the Midway Service Plaza on 76 in Pennsylvania. It’s really pretty up here when all the leaves start changing colors in the fall. Til next time peeps…


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A Little Review

I had to deliver a load in Memphis today & then pick up a loaded trailer on our yard (my home terminal) to go down to Rockmart, Ga. While I was waiting on the shop to work on my truck (my washer fluid was leaking) my DM (driver manager/dispatcher) called me over for a few. I thought maybe I had done something wrong, but he was generally showing me things on the computer that they keep up with & telling me how good I was doing. I’m not trying to brag, but it made me feel good & proud. It’s nice when your work/company tells you when your doing good instead of just getting on to you. He showed me in the system how out of all the drivers still in the 30,000 mile probation period ( close to 25-30 of us), only two are getting better gas milage than me. My “out of route miles” were real good (basically I’m following their suggested routes) he said. My idle time is down which is good (saves fuel). I’m at 100% on hitting all the suggested fuel stops. (This is crazy that they can keep up with this), but he showed me at what rpm’s I was shifting the gears at & said it was real good because I was saving fuel there too.

After telling & showing me all that…he said to just keep it up & he will get me a $.3/per mile raise & into a new truck maybe even before I finish my probation period. As hard as I have been working & as much as I love it so far, that just really made me feel good. My check this week was more “bring home” than I have ever made in one week out of the 27 years I have been working. I think I made a great decision for me & my family when I just decided to quit my job & go to school to be a truck driver. Gotta get some sleep so I can drive a bunch tomorrow. I promise the pictures will be coming back. Have to take some new ones because I had to transfer all my pictures from my phone to the laptop to free up space on my phone…had a little over 2,000 on here…lol. Til next time peeps…

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