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The Collection

Since we as truckers get to go through so many states, was wondering if any of you try & collect certain things out here on the road? I have heard of shot glasses, key chains, magnets, & some other things. A few months ago I actually started on the shot glasses…kinda cool…all sorts of things on them & you can always find the ones with the state names at the truck stops. They don’t take up much room to display so they are kinda easy. But, however I am strictly a beer drinker….nothing else, so it’s not like I’m gonna grab one off the shelf & fill it with any of that other nasty stuff. 

I have decided to switch over…my girlfriend is a big coffee drinker & I like it too, so I have switched to getting coffee mugs. I just don’t drink it much out here on the road. I love the truck stop coffee & they even have my French Vanilla creamer, but it makes me have to go to the damn bathroom too much & I don’t like stopping much once I start driving for the day.  Anyway, think the coffee cups will be better because we can collect them & actually use them. I just started on these a couple of days ago & have 4 so far. 

I also helped start a collection. A while ago I started buying postcards from each state to send home to my almost 14 year old daughter. She said she has them all on a wall in her room. It’s fun, but hard to find stamps & mailboxes at the truck stops. Let me hear about some of the things you have collected or are thinking about starting on. Gonna leave you with a shot of the one I just got here in Fargo, North Dakota. Til next time peeps…


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