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Day 5 & Going Pretty Good

Well, today has been the fifth day that Ledger has been on the road with me. I was only really worried about taking him to the bathroom on a leash because he is so strong he pulls you where he wants to go. But so far he has been good at listening to me. He has always liked riding & I figured this would be even better because he has so much more room in this big rig. My only complaint is when we stop & he sees somebody walking around….he goes crazy with the barking & growling. They can be 300 yards away, but I guess he thinks they are coming to the truck. It’s annoying, but I know he is just trying to protect me. 

He has got it all figured out now on this day 5. As soon as we roll out in the mornings, he gets back in my bed & sleeps all day. But, like an alarm in his head…as soon as I slow down on an exit ramp & stop to turn, he pops straight up & jumps back in the front seat so he can start picking out people to yell at…lol, he’s so damn funny. It’s been great so far & I love having him with me. Here he is laying in the bed. Til next time peeps… 


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Looks Like It’s Time For A Co-Driver

Well, just wanted & thought that it was time to let you all know that my wife & I have split up. She has moved on to the house we signed the papers on back in early February in my home town of Bartlett, TN. I am staying at the place on the lake in Mississippi that we moved to 4 years ago. We got a puppy together a while back & he will be 7 years old in July. The house’s backyard backs up to the city park that has a one mile jogging track around it. Our dog Ledger doesn’t like all the people coming by all day & is running back n forth all day barking at them. She thinks they willl start complaining & she will get in trouble, so starting on Monday the 23rd, he is gonna go on the road with me. I’m not giving him up (he is our oldest son & I love animals period). Of course I can’t leave him at home because I’m never there, so time for him to be daddy’s co-driver. I have been wanting him to go with me for a while now so this should be fun. He love’s riding & will have alot more room in my big truck that what he is used to.

One thing us for sure….nobody will ever mess with me out on the road. He’s a big baby, but acts so tough…lol. He is half Bull Mastiff & half Boxer. Can’t wait….might have to get him some kind of trucker t-shirt. Gonna leave you all with a shot of him begging for some chicken. Til next time peeps…

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Well, last week I finally got to bring one of my girls out on the road with me. It was McKenna my 12-year old (the young one). Talk about a great time, man did we have fun & it was such a great time. It was really cool getting to show her all the things I have to do every day out here on the road as a truck driver. We ate at some really cool & good places & she got to see 8 states that she had never been to before. We played a lot of those silly games that you do when riding a long time with signs & stuff. She also drug me (kicking & screaming) into that damn game of “thumb wrestling”. I swear I think she is the only one that still plays that & she loves it. We always end up laughing so hard & it doesn’t work real good. It was a great time, she learned a lot about trucking, & got to see a lot of hard work. She really liked seeing how different things are in different states. I told my DM (driver manager) before we left that since I had an automatic now, I was gonna let her drive some…lol. He laughed. Can’t wait til she can go again, but now I have to try & squeeze my oldest in sometime. She is a high school Algebra teacher so I’m gonna try to take her when they are out of school for Christmas break.

Gonna leave you all with a shot of us from the road. Til next time peeps…


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