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Driving Career Is Over

Sorry that it’s been a while since my last post, have been pretty busy. I’m sure you all knew how much I loved my job as a truck driver, but it has come to an end. I really loved it more than any job I had ever had, but I was really missing my kids & girlfriend. I had missed all my 13 year old daughter’s softball games over the past two years & my son is fixing to be four & he will soon be getting into stuff. It has been really hard weighing the love for my job against missing everybody. 

Back in 06-09 I was a dispatcher for a local trucking company & about 4 weeks ago they asked me to come back. I took a little bit of a pay cut, but just couldn’t pass up the hours (7-5 Monday-Friday), yep I’m now home every night & every single weekend. Damn, it sure feels good as opposed to only being home 4 days a month. My mom is really loving it….she hated that she couldn’t come over for cookouts whenever she could. I really do miss driving & seeing this beautiful country of ours, but nothing beats being home with family & friends all the time. 

I am loving my new/old job….the company has really grown & it’s way more hectic with more drivers & keeps my busy & on my toes. Anyway, wanted to fill you all in & let you know that I’m still gonna write when I can, it just won’t much on trucking anymore. Gonna get back to writing about whatever I feel at the time. Might throw in some sports since I actually get to watch again. So glad that football has started back. Gonna leave you with one last shot of my truck when I turned it in (had it washed so it would be good to go for the next driver). Til next time peeps…


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New Part Of Career Is Done

Hope you all have been good. Sorry that I have been missing for a while. Once I got into the “training” thing, it was just too hard for me to find time to do much else. That’s what I wanted to talk about. The last time I got to write for you, I had started training. Well, I’m done with it now. I didn’t like it. It felt good “teaching”, but was tough in most other areas. It totally messed up my schedule that I had set myself up on since becoming a solo driver. Plus you get no sleep….you can’t sleep while the trainee is driving & because there are two of us in the truck, they want you to do more miles in a day than you would if you were solo.

I like to leave real early every morning (between 3:00 & 6:00 am) so I can shut down for the day early. Since I couldn’t sleep while they were driving, I was getting up that early & letting them drive 8-9 hours & then I would drive a few more. Sitting in the passenger seat all day wore me down more than driving. Not to mention all the time in between that you had to go somewhere & let them practice backing for a couple of hours. The ones I did train did really well & are still doing good, but it’s just not for me. I love my job & was scared that it was gonna make not like it anymore. Anyway, gonna try to be on here more now that I’m back on my own.

A couple of Fridays ago I got stuck driving 215 miles in the snow coming out of Colorado. I’m gonna leave you with a shot of how dirty your truck gets doing that. Til next time peeps…


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New Part Of My Career

Well, I got back into town last Thursday & did a couple of local runs before I went home for the weekend. When I walked into the office, the safety girl called me over & asked if I would be a trainer. I said “I can’t because I have an automatic truck now”. She came back with “I will get you another new one with a stick”..(up until now, they only let you train in a stick so the newbies could learn how to drive them). I said ” I love my new truck & didn’t want another one”. She said “please think about it & let me know”.

About two hours into my local run, my dispatcher called me & asked me to do it. He said they are gonna let us train in the automatics now because eventually that will be all we have. He told me to please think about it & get back with him. I called my wife to run it by her & she started crying & said that she was so proud of me & to tell them I would do it. That made me feel so good (have such an amazing woman) & so I called & told him I would.

Got a voicemail from my dispatcher Friday giving me the name & number to my first trainee telling me to call him & tell him everything he needs to bring. I can’t believe they gave me one so soon. I called him & picked him up on Monday morning & we are now into our 4th day, sitting in Vegas waiting to get loaded. This guy is really doing good & is really cool. Hope all my trainees will be like him. I know they won’t but it’s been fun so far with him. This might be tough, but I sure am gonna try my best to really turn out good & safe drivers. Gonna leave you with a shot I have been wanting to get ever since I saw this road when I first started driving. It’s in New Mexico. Til next time peeps…


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