A Little Faster Please

I have never been one to really speed my whole driving career (since getting my license when I was 16), hell…I don’t like breaking laws or rules. Have pretty much always been like that. If you just get up & get going earlier, there is no need to speed. I have figured that out since becoming a truck driver as well. Manage your time right when you aren’t driving & you won’t have to go over the speed limit. I have told you before that our trucks are governed at 65 mph. I start the day at 63 & once I drive for a while & get good fuel mileage it will bump up to the 65. I hear drivers all the time complaining about this…they say if your truck will do 70, better keep it. Most of the speed limits in the country are 65, some 70-75 & a very few places it’s 85. So as you can see, no need to go over 65 especially with a fully loaded 80,000 lb truck. I set my cruise control for 63 & push the pedal up to 65 if I need to pass anybody.

Now that I got that out of the way, for the past four days I have been in California where the max speed for trucks is 55 everywhere. I know it’s only 8-10 mph slower than what I can actually do, but it feels like so much more. It really wore me out, you feel like your driving your ass off & not getting anywhere. I got out of there today finally & it felt so good. It’s amazing how much different that little bit feels (I’m sure that’s how the ones that can do 70 & above feel about 65), but I’m staying legal & safe. If they would just even bump it up to 60 it would be so much better. That doesn’t seem like it would help, but trust me when you are doing between 500-650 miles per day, it really helps.

Gonna leave you with a shot I got at a truck stop of the sunset in Santa Nella, CA. Til next time peeps…


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