That New Car Smell

Well, I got to our headquarters in Phoenix, AZ this past Wednesday night to pick up my new truck. I freaking love it. It looks the same on the outside but the interior has different colors & is a little nicer. The surprise was that it is an automatic. Yep, I can just put it in “D” or “R” & just give it gas. I was kinda worried about how strong it would be if it had a load on it, but once you get going, it’s no different than my old one. It pulls just fine. It is however a little slow getting going. It has 12 gears (my old one had 8), & since it shifts itself, it gets into 9th gear in about 100 yards. It’s gonna take a little getting use to, but I think I’m gonna like it. It does feel weird that a big rig has an automatic in it. It’s really nice knowing that it is a 2015 model though. Love opening the door & smelling that “new car smell”.

The one thing that I don’t like though is that it has that new safety system on it called “Bendix”. If I get to close to the car/truck in front of me, it slows me down. Well, if you have the cruise control on….if you don’t have that on, then this annoying ass alarm goes off to warn you. Now, I have never been one to ride on somebody like that but if somebody passes me & then jumps over in front of me then it gets me that way too. Oh well, what can you do? It saves the company money on insurance so I guess it’s a good thing. All I know is that my truck is brand new & it sure feels good knowing that the people I work for appreciate my hard work enough to put me in one.

Gonna leave you with a shot of it before I left Phoenix. Til next time peeps…


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