Getting Excited

So, if you have been following along…you know that I have now been an OTR truck driver for a year. April the 25th was my anniversary. It’s really hard work at times, but I have loved every minute of it. I have always been one of those that felt when you go to work….you do your damn job. I starting working 29 years ago when I was 15 years old & have been at it ever since. I never really felt appreciated at any job the way I have this past year than I have with the group of people & company I work for now. They are great….looking forward to retiring with them. I drive for Knight Refrigerated & my terminal is out of Memphis.

I have really worked hard & tried to do my best & it looks like it has paid off. I haven’t had any tickets, violations, accidents & I even passed a DOT Level 1 Safety Inspection about 2 weeks ago. I have never complained or said that I wouldn’t do a load. We aren’t what it is called “forced dispatch”, but I feel that if the company I work for asks me to do something, then it’s my job to get it done in the best way I can. In the year that I have been driving on my own, I have only been late twice. The first time was the second load I ever did….I got stuck in a bad traffic jam in Philly. The other time was because I had a flat & it took those goobers 4 hours to get me fixed. I’m sure there will be others come up in the rest of my career, but I just really hate being late in anything I do.

I guess I will get to my point now. In the trucking world (at least to us newer ones) when your company decides to put you in a newer truck….it is looked at as kind of a promotion & makes you feel good. My DM (driver manager) has kinda been talking about me getting a new one for quite a while now. I have asked a couple of times since then, but didn’t want to bug him about it. So the other day, he gave me 3 pre-plans (loads that go together to get us around the country). I was to take one to PA from OH, then pick up in VA going to KY, & then pick up in IN going to NM. A little while after I started working on the first one, he called me & told me that when I pick up the NM load…to just bring it down to our terminal in Memphis. Another driver is gonna take it from there. We do that sometimes to help get drivers home when they need to so I didn’t think much of it. He then told me that I was gonna pick up another driver there & we are gonna drive my truck to our headquarters in Pheonix, AZ to get our new trucks. Hell yea. I told him that sounds great & I am excited. I also told him that I really like my truck & kinda hate to get rid of it, but that something a little newer would be nice. Then he told me (which really has me excited)…he said “No, you have done such a good job for us, you are getting a “brand new” truck. Oh, hell yea…now you see why I can ‘t wait to pick up that NM load & get it to Memphis. My hard work has paid off & these awesome people are showing me.

Gonna leave you all with a shot I got early one morning of the spillway to the dam on the lake we live on. Til next time peeps…


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2 thoughts on “Getting Excited

  1. That’s the best looking spillway I’ve ever seen, old friend!
    Nice work – on every front!

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