70 Hour Clock

I’m sure most of you have heard that us truck drivers can only drive so many hours a day. But, did you know that we can also only be “on duty” for 70 hours in a 7 day stretch? My wife got to come back out with me last Friday & I was to get her back home this morning to give my parents a break from watching our kids so she could go. We took a load out to Vegas & then picked up one in Utah that I was gonna drop in Kansas City. I was to then pick up in Carthage, Mo to take a load home to get her back. Well, that load cancelled before we got to KC.

I ran so hard trying to make all this happen (did 625 miles Wednesday & 615 on Thursday) that I didn’t pay attention to that 70 hour clock & it snuck up on us. I was now (yesterday) faced with not enough hours to get her home. This Utah load was actually going all the way to Anderson, In so I just stayed on it instead of dropping it in KC. On the way, we found a Pilot truck stop in Effingham, IL that had a Greyhound bus station inside of it. So, I put her on a bus late last night & got her sexy self home early this morning. I delivered the load to Anderson this morning & made my way down here to Franklin, In for my pick up in the morning. I will get almost 11 hours back tonight so I will be able to get this load down to Memphis tomorrow. I have been doing this almost a year now & have never seen or heard of a bus station in a truck stop. Thought that it was so wild that we found one right when we needed it. Crazy how things work sometimes huh?

Gonna leave you all with a shot I got at a little truck stop in Golden, Co on the way here. Til next time peeps…


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3 thoughts on “70 Hour Clock

  1. I bet you see some beautiful things on the road. I know I did on my road trip I miss it.

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