Down Time

If you are in the trucking industry, then you know that we have “down time”. Wether it’s waiting to get loaded/unloaded, broken down, waiting for appointment, or just shutting down for the day after you are done driving. Like right now, I have been “down” since about 1:00 Eastern time yesterday. I was on a load that delivered today but got switched to one late Friday night because another driver’s truck broke down in Charlotte, NC so I had to grab it & get it down here to Atlanta yesterday. So, naturally that threw me off on what I was already planned on. I have been here at our Atlanta terminal since then & can’t pick up my next load til in the morning. So, what do you all do in your “down time”?

So far since being here I have vacuumed out my truck, swept out the inside of the empty trailer I picked up, updated my GPS, updated my phone, watched two movies, talked to my sweet & wonderful wife, & just relaxed. Normally in the regular “down times” I play Candy Crush, Words With Friends, check my Facebook, Instagram, my blog here, sports scores, & make sure I’m ready for my next run. Would love to hear from you all to see what you normally do…even if your not a truck driver…you have “down time” too right?

Haven’t gotten to get too many new shots lately, so I will just leave you all with an ugly one of me getting ready to roll out one morning…lol Til next time peeps…


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