I Can’t See

The Friday before last I got loaded in Arkansas to go up to Auburn, Washington. I had been up there once back in the summer when I was in training. I hadn’t been yet on my own & wasn’t crazy about going since it’s winter now. I’m not one of those drivers that’s gonna tell my dispatcher “I’m not going there”. It’s our job to go where they need us to go. So, I set out for this long journey & was just hoping I wouldn’t run into parts on I-80 that was closed off or needed to have chains put on. If you need to put chains on, it’s too bad to drive these long, heavy things in my opinion. Other than worrying about all the mountains, snow, sleet, ice & whatever else, I did kinda want to go because it’s so beautiful up there. Just go in a car.

Anyway, I made that delivery (after waking up that morning with “pink eye”) & was wondering what I was gonna get next. Hoping I had a little time to rest & recoup my eye. It was great, my next pick up was 2 days later & back down in Oregon. I went on & left the next morning to get as close as I could to the pick up. It was like 43 degrees & pretty….no snow in sight. Then, a little ways ahead I saw what looked to be a wall of fog. It made sense because there were streams & lakes all around. I figured once I drove in it for a little while I would get through it. As soon as I got in it, the temp dropped to 12 degrees & could hardly see. Cars were passing me & then they would disappear right in front of me. Keeping in mind that this was like 2:00 in the afternoon. It was weird too because usually fog gets your windshield wet & you have to use your wipers. Well, this never did that….it was almost as if it were smoke. I slowed way down & got through it, but this went on close to 100 miles. I’ll try to catch you all a little later (shut down now in Colorado because of snow). Gonna leave you with a shot of this mess. Til next time peeps…


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