I Paid For This

Ok, you all know that I had to spend the weekend in a casino hotel after delivering Friday morning. I decided to go outside Saturday & see if I could find anything to do to keep from sitting in the casino & blowing my money. You know how I love taking pictures & behind the hotel was lake Mead. I decided to walk back there to see if I could get some good shots. I found a fence at the edge of the parking lot so I was scared I would be blocked off from getting close. Well, I found a gate that said there was a trail with 5 tunnels. Keep in mind that I just turned 44 & am not in shape. So, I got on the trail & tried to find these tunnels. I finally found them & man were they cool. The sign said that were carved out in these separate mountains back in 1931 for this trail. I was thinking that surely they didn’t do all that work for a walking trail. I started noticing the direction it was going & decided to ask some others that were walking if this led to the Hoover Dam, they said yep & that’s what it was for. Awesome, have never seen it before & figured it would make for some great pictures.

Little did I know that the damn thing was 5 miles long, but I wasn’t turning around now. So, yes…..my old & out of shape butt walked 10 miles that day. By the time I got back, my back was killing me & my whole body was sore. I was thinking that I wasn’t gonna be able to get up Sunday. Here is the funny thing, when I woke up Sunday morning, the only thing that was sore were my ass cheeks…lol

I got a bunch of great shots, but don’t want to clutter up my blog so I’m gonna leave you with what I think is my favorite one. Til next time peeps…


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