Just Isn’t Right

A few weeks ago I went on my longest single run yet. I got loaded in Northern California & had to take it to Ohio….almost 2,500 miles. Something really bugged me once I got it delivered. I got to the address & went through the door to check in. The guy said “Can I help you”? I said that “I have a delivery for you”. He comes back with “No you don’t”, we are loading trucks to get everything out of here because we are going out of business. I’m thinking why in the world would your plant in California send you 48 pallets then? He then tells me that I need to go to their place downtown. So, I drive another 20 miles, checked in at this big warehouse with 15 dock doors & a manufacturing plant next to it. It took them like 15 minutes to even come talk to me. The guy finally comes over & tells me that they will get to me as soon as they can because they have been cut down to just 3 people. I’m thinking, “What is going on here. Am I stuck with this load”?

Here is the part that bugs me & just isn’t right. You hear of it happening alot now. After they get done, the guy tells me that they built a new place in a city 50 miles away & that’s why they are moving everything out. I said, “Oh ok, so they are transferring you all to a new & better place”. He said, “On no, the company cut a deal with that city to hire 80% of their employees from there so they would get a huge tax break”. So, basically all these people that probably have been there a long time & are real good workers have to find new jobs so this asshole place can save on some taxes. I’m sorry, but that is just wrong in my book. You might save a little, but just think what it probably cost them to build the new place & move everything when they could have stayed there & kept good people. Anyway, have to roll out & am gonna leave you with another sharp truck that parked beside me last week at a truck stop. Til next time peeps…


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