The Truck Stop

Back in April of this year when I decided to quit my job & go to school to be a truck driver, an idea came to me while I was in that school. I knew then that I was totally changing things up for my life & my family. I met some really cool people in that school & made a few friends. Of course we were all from different areas so I started thinking of how we could all stay in touch (knew we weren’t all gonna go to work for the same company or even in the same state for that matter). So, I created a group on Facebook for truck drivers called “The Truck Stop”.It was pretty cool seeing all the new friends I made in the school talking about their new jobs & stuff.

I have been working hard trying to really promote it lately with the idea of now turning it into something huge. I created a Twitter account for it (you can follow @truckstoponfb). I have also decided to open it up to the trucking industry as a whole, not just drivers. So, if you are a trucking company, broker, work on trucks, sell trucks, or even own a CB shop…come on over & join us. I want it to be the place that everybody recognizes when it comes to trucking. I figured with all this going on in there, everybody could benefit. I had a broker join a few days ago & she has been posting loads she has available so that might really help out some of you owner operators. Would love to have you all, so come & have some fun, meet new friends, give or receive tips, & maybe even pick up a load or two. I know some people don’t like Facebook, but it’s free & you could just create an account just to join the group & not mess with all the other stuff. Let’s make this the community that everybody wants to be a part of. You can get to it right here…. The Truck Stop Gonna leave you all with a shot of my truck from yesterday. Finally got it washed & then woke up at 5:00 this morning to roll out & it rained on it all night while I was asleep. Go figure. Til next time peeps…


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2 thoughts on “The Truck Stop

  1. Excellent! I’ll pass it on to my brother. He drives short haul here in the Seattle area.

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