Dad Ruined Me With 5 Words

First of all, I love my dad with all my heart & he is the very best…but man did he mess up teaching me something when I was little. I’m sure everybody remembers little things that you learned growing up (good or bad). This isn’t bad, but sure wish I could undo it. As far back as elementary school I can remember other kids laughing & mocking me while I was writing.

My dad was a baseball pitcher growing up (made it all the way to the Giants minor league team until his arm went out & he had to have surgery). This was way back in 1958 I think. So, I remember this little quirk from him teaching me to pitch. The problem is that my dumbass applied it to everything I did. I have done it all through my life with just about everything I do. You may be wondering what this has to do with my job as a truck driver (& probably really wondering what the 5 words are)…It comes into play with my job as a truck driver more than anything I have done since sports…at least I notice it more now.

So, here goes….this is what he told me while teaching me to pitch. “Grit Your Teeth And Concentrate”. Ever since I started driving this truck for a living I have been doing it way too much. I want to be good at my job & safe so I concentrate too hard at times. There is so much we have to pay attention to/concentrate at that I catch myself gritting my teeth really hard or squeezing the steering wheel too hard. It just comes natural to me & most of the time don’t even realize that I’m doing it. By the time I shut down for the day, I usually have a bad headache. In my defense there is so much I have to pay attention to out here on the road. I have to constantly watch other drivers, look at all the signs, watch bridge heights, worry about tires blowing out, make sure I take the right exit, & make sure I’m not speeding. All of this while moving down the road at 80,000 lbs.

So Thanks dad for making me have headaches at the end of the day, but it sure made me a better person at everything I do & I love you so much. Gonna leave you with a shot of some mountains I got in New Mexico the other day just 3 miles before crossing into Arizona. Til next time peeps…


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6 thoughts on “Dad Ruined Me With 5 Words

  1. You might have to start wearing a football mouthguard to save those teeth!

  2. Don’t let your dentist read this….

  3. Tammy

    Beautifully said Jay…. Keep on truckin shuggah and stay safe.

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