Walk To The Garbage Can

For those of you that may not know, the truck stops provide a great many services for us drivers. They give us a place to rest/sleep, get food & fuel, & take a shower. Some have little fitness centers in them, game rooms, & rooms to watch tv, & also washer & dryers to do our laundry. We pretty much need them…like our little homes away from home. Also, at every fuel pump there are garbage cans. Most of them also have garbage cans scattered out in the lot where we park. You can find them in the grass behind where you back your trailers up to the curb. There are usually one or two dumpsters on the property too.

So here is the point I’m trying to get to. I can’t stand how lazy some of these assholes are that can’t walk to one of these cans & throw their garbage away & instead just toss it out of their windows on the ground in the parking lot. The people that work at them work pretty hard to take good care of us & these idiots do this quite a bit. They already have to drive the golf cart pulling a trailer around these big lots just to empty the garbage cans, why should they have to stop & pick up your crap off the ground? When I woke up yesterday at the Pilot I was staying at, just in the two lanes beside me while I was walking up to the building ( not to mention everywhere else) I saw 3 Red Bull cans, 2 coffee cups, 1 empty cigarette pack, 1 pizza box, & 1 gallon jug full of piss. I know people do this everywhere & not just at the truck stops, but it just makes no sense to me. There is a garbage can probably within 20 yards of you. If you are too lazy to walk over to one, then keep your shit in the truck until you get home (I’m sure your truck is nasty anyway) & throw it on your living room floor. That is about how it is to us that care when you fill up the parking area that we so desperately need. I guess that’s about all I have since the last time I talked to you awesome people. Gonna leave you with a shot of a pretty sharp truck I saw at a rest area when my wife was out with me. Til next time peeps…


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6 thoughts on “Walk To The Garbage Can

  1. I have been keeping our home and surroundings clean and tidy. So that I can teach my kids to be conscious of their environment too. But when we see these trash in almost every public places, this gives my kids a wrong impression.

    People blame that the reason why trash are scattered everywhere is because of the insufficient number of trash cans in their neighborhood. You know what I think, this happens because people are just too lazy to throw their rubbish in the correct place. http://www.trashcansunlimited.com/

  2. I couldn’t agree more; some folks just don’t get it.
    By the way, that is a pretty cool truck!

  3. I’ve noticed a similar trend at grocery stores. People leave their carts near their cars rather than stepping a few feet to the cart caddy. Too much convenience and entitlement nowadays… But I do think there’s more good in people than bad.

    • Yes August, that really bugs me too. There are a bunch of those places to put the shopping cart in….walk a few feet & put them where they go. It’s not hard or much more effort. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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