We Needed Some Ice

I told you all about my wife getting to come out with me this time. Well, Friday was our first day out together & what an experience she had…lol. We were to get a load of ice cream at 11:00 am. When we haul ice cream, the trailer has to be run at -20 degrees. It has to be down to at least -10 degrees before they will load it. Well, the trailer we picked up at the terminal had been sitting all night so it was 79 degrees when I turned it on. It takes about an hour & a half to get to the place we load at. We checked in at 9:45 & the trailer had only gotten down to zero. The guy told me to come back in at 11:00 & tell him what the temperature was. It had only gotten down to -4 degrees by then so we had to wait some more. This is basically Memphis so it was steadily getting hotter outside ( up to 96) that day. That made it really hard for the trailer to cool down. It got down to -6 degrees but that was as far as it went. Finally the guy brought out one of those temperature guns & opened the trailer & said he got a -10 degree reading so were good to go. The problem was that by then all the doors were now full of other trucks getting loaded.

It was now about 6:30 in the evening & the sun was getting tired (as were we) & starting coming down. It was close to 10:00 before we got loaded, so yes we sat there from 9:45 in the morning til close to 11:00 at night before we were all done just because the trailer wouldn’t cool down enough from the hot, Memphis heat. So, by then I was too tired to do much driving & we went about 80 miles to a truck stop & shut down. I like to do more on the first day so I don’t have so far to drive on the last day. I ended up having to go 500 miles today to get to the delivery. Anyway, she got to see the waiting game of trucking on her very first day out. It’s been great so far having her with me….wish she could go with me all the time. We stopped for breakfast at this cool place in a truck stop in Lexington, Va this morning…so I grabbed a shot of the old gas pumps inside. Til next time peeps…


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