The Time Has Come

Ok, so I know that I am still pretty new to the trucking game & I freaking love it. But man, it sure has been hard being away from my family so much. Since April I have pretty much only been home 2-4 days a month. I brought my dad out with me a couple of weeks ago & have really been wanting to bring my wife (Krista) out with me. The reason dad went first is because she has been too scared (just didn’t want to be away from our 21-month old son Keegan) for so long. The girls have started back to school & Keegan is too young (he has to be 10). I have finally gotten her talked into it now & she is actually excited about it. I told work that she couldn’t be away from him more than a week so they are gonna work us back by then & I’m just gonna drop her off & head back out.

She has really only seen Florida & Louisiana so this should be really cool for her…she will get to see all kinds of things & places that she might not have ever had the chance to before. Pretty cool getting to take somebody with me from time to time & I couldn’t think of a better person than my sweet baby that I love with all my heart. She is one awesome human being & it makes me smile just to think about her. (smiling now). I deliver at 9:00 in the morning & then I think they will bring me home because I am pretty close. So, I will load her beautiful self up & we will probably head out on the road Friday or Saturday. So looking forward to it & maybe we will get some good stories & pictures for you all. Hopefully, I might even get to break this truck in right (wink wink)….lol. I dug up an old shot of us from about 5 years ago so you could see her. Til next time peeps…


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7 thoughts on “The Time Has Come

  1. Photography I meant to say…


  2. Times have certainly changed since I was last here
    but I wish you all the very best Mindslam, and what
    of your photograph?

    I will have to call back again soon 🙂
    In the meantime have a great start to
    your Monday my fine friend 🙂


  3. If The Hook likes your blog, I figure I better read it too! My brother is a truck driver here in the Seattle area but luckily deals with local stuff. It is an extremely delight to read your posts and listen to his stories with the stuff you go through. Good luck with the driving!

    • Thanks Kevin & so much for stopping by. Yea, The Hook is amazing & everybody should be reading his work. Hope you enjoy my little world…at least for a little while….lol

  4. “Eastbound and down…
    Loaded up and truckin’… with the wife!”
    Have fun!

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