Bad Hair, I Mean Trailer Day

Ok, a couple of days ago I had to pick up a loaded trailer in Pennsylvania & take it to Illinois. That is where the fun begins. The girl at the check in office gave me the trailer number I was to pick up after I dropped my empty one on their yard. I told her that it can’t be because all of our trailers have an “R” at the front. She was right, I got over there & it was one that shouldn’t have even been there….it was one that goes on a train…. some dumbass dropped it there & so they loaded it. Well, they are a little heavier than our normal ones so that worried me a bit. Of course it cost me a lot of time & sweat because I had to slide the tandems (move the wheels back n forth under the trailer) to get the weight legal. I finally get all set to go & the alarm light came on in my mirror. What freaking now? I was thinking. I go back there & check it out & of course it was about to burn up because it had no oil in it. (In case you didn’t know these refrigerated trailers have their own diesel motors to keep the trailers cold). So I added a gallon of oil & finally got my ass on the road.

A little further down into to Pa, I ran up on a weigh station that had the flashing lights for all trucks to pull in. I start up the ramp, didn’t see a scale, building, nothing but 4 DOT guys leaning on the hood of a car. I wasn’t really sure what they wanted me to do so I slowed down & starting rolling my window down to talk to them. They waved me on through, but I looked back in my mirror & one of them was pointing for me to pull over. As the tail end of the trailer got even with them he heard something. Come to find out, one of the airbags (part of the suspension) was leaking. I got lucky & he let me off with just a warning because my truck was still holding good pressure. The bad part was that they held me up for about 45 minutes to check all kinds of other things. This was my first experience with them & I have to say he was a pretty cool dude.

I forgot to tell you that the load was given to me a full day late so I had to drive 615 miles that day to get to the delivery on time. I get there & you should have seen the dark dungeon I saw that I was gonna have to back the trailer into. Keeping in mind that I’m still pretty new at this, I was nervous as hell. So, I got checked in at 4:30 that afternoon (30 minutes late Thanks to my little party with my new friend Mr. DOT & the lovely Chicago traffic) & it was 5:30 the next morning before they even called me off their yard to the dock….yep I sat out there for 13 hours. Piece of cake since I knew it was finally my time to back into that damn hole. It was like a 2-door garage that went downhill once you get in & just big enough for 2 trailers. Of course there was one already in there so it made it even tighter for me. The other awesome thing is that the employees have to stand in the street & stop 2 lanes of traffic (both ways) just so you can attempt this crap. Everything turned out ok, but I sure as shit hope I never have to go back there or see that damn trailer again. I got a shot of my trailer in that hell hole for you all to enjoy & feel sorry for me…lol. Til next time peeps…


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