The Waiting Game

Ok, so I was supposed to have delivered here in Utah at 5:00 this morning. On my way in yesterday (around 6:00 am) I called the place I was delivering at to see if they had overnight parking for the trucks. I told the guy I was only 500 miles away & didn’t have to be there until Friday morning, but wanted to see if I could come on in & park so I didn’t have to try & find the place in the early morning hours in the dark. He said sure, just come on in & check-in when I get here & as long as their lot wasn’t full, I could stay the night. I got there about 2:00 yesterday afternoon & he let me drop my loaded trailer & pick up an empty & roll on. We do that at alot of places but I didn’t know I could here since I had never been here before.

My dispatcher saw that I got empty almost a full day early & gave me my new load. Well, it doesn’t load until 5:00 pm on Saturday so I have been sitting here at a truck ever since waiting to grab this load & roll on. Once she realized that I was ready to go, she tried to take me off that load & put me on something sooner. I told her that the load was perfect because I was up against my 70-hour clock anyway. We can only be “on-duty” for 70 hours in a 7 day period. If you have time to sit off duty for 34 hours, that will reset that clock. That is basically what my 2-day home time is used for, but sometimes you get caught out on the road & have to take it there. I don’t mind sitting like this every now & then because it gives you a break, but this long gets really boring & makes you spend to much money when you can just walk into the truck stop anytime you want something.

This will be my longest single run on my own so far. I’m loading 9 miles from here & going all the way down to Louisiana…..1,900 miles. Gonna be a wild one. Overall, this has been a really nice trip this time out because I brought my dad out with me so he could see what it was all about. Since I told you all how boring it was looking at Iowa & Nebraska, gonna leave you with a pretty shot of some mountains here in Utah. Til next time peeps…


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2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. I live in Idaho so I got stuck doing the Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming area almost every week. It is the most boring part of the country for sure. And cell Internet coverage is terrible through there making streaming music impossible. Utah to Louisiana will be a nice run though. Where in Louisiana you headed? I used to live there may be able to suggest a good place to eat.

    • Yea, it should be a nice run Collin, was starting to think we never went down there. It’s some place called “Pearl River”. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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