Boating Anyone?

Well, I finally got my WordPress app working right & was able to get a few new shots this morning. I left back out last Tuesday & actually was able to bring my dad along with me for these two weeks. He has been enjoying it so far. We delivered a load to Pa, then picked up a load there to come to Duluth, Mn. We got here a little early (almost a full day). We are shut down at a truck stop in Superior, Wi & there is a huge public boat ramp behind us for Lake Superior. Kinda digging these longer runs (this one was 1,200 miles) because you can kinda relax & mess around some because the schedule isn’t so tight.

Anyway, we walked down to this boat ramp this morning & watched people put their boats in & some take them out. Also watched some guys clean the fish they caught. Pretty nice little break from driving. I posted a shot of the boat ramp office which was an old boat on my photography blog OBriens Pix just a few minutes ago. So, I figured I would leave you all with this old boat on here that was sitting up on some sort of stand (no telling how long it has been there). Hope you all are good. Til next time peeps…


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