A Little Review

I had to deliver a load in Memphis today & then pick up a loaded trailer on our yard (my home terminal) to go down to Rockmart, Ga. While I was waiting on the shop to work on my truck (my washer fluid was leaking) my DM (driver manager/dispatcher) called me over for a few. I thought maybe I had done something wrong, but he was generally showing me things on the computer that they keep up with & telling me how good I was doing. I’m not trying to brag, but it made me feel good & proud. It’s nice when your work/company tells you when your doing good instead of just getting on to you. He showed me in the system how out of all the drivers still in the 30,000 mile probation period ( close to 25-30 of us), only two are getting better gas milage than me. My “out of route miles” were real good (basically I’m following their suggested routes) he said. My idle time is down which is good (saves fuel). I’m at 100% on hitting all the suggested fuel stops. (This is crazy that they can keep up with this), but he showed me at what rpm’s I was shifting the gears at & said it was real good because I was saving fuel there too.

After telling & showing me all that…he said to just keep it up & he will get me a $.3/per mile raise & into a new truck maybe even before I finish my probation period. As hard as I have been working & as much as I love it so far, that just really made me feel good. My check this week was more “bring home” than I have ever made in one week out of the 27 years I have been working. I think I made a great decision for me & my family when I just decided to quit my job & go to school to be a truck driver. Gotta get some sleep so I can drive a bunch tomorrow. I promise the pictures will be coming back. Have to take some new ones because I had to transfer all my pictures from my phone to the laptop to free up space on my phone…had a little over 2,000 on here…lol. Til next time peeps…

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10 thoughts on “A Little Review

  1. David Patterson

    Congrats! Good to hear things are working out well after your change of career. Looking forward to more photographs 🙂

  2. Hello there, I’ve been out here for 19 years and 17 years of it has been as an owner/operator. I have never had any dispatcher/driver manager tell me how good I was doing, even though I was. I don’t know what company you are with but keep it up! Sounds like your company really does look out for you. Considering giving my owner/operator status pretty soon, but then have to consider what company would be best.

  3. Sounds like everything’s working out fine Jason, good to catch up with you. xPenx

  4. This continues to amaze me how much is involved. How are they able to know what RPMs you are shifting at?!? Crazy… but like anything I guess it all comes down to dollars and cents. Makes me wonder what it was like before computers were able to track all this stuff. So, I know it’s all still pretty new, but what’s the coolest place you’ve had to travel to so far?

    • Yea Steve….it’s all in the Qualcomm ( the onboard computer that tells me everything) with that they can also keep track of the truck & even the trailer. It is kinda amazing. I guess I would say Oregon…I went through there with my trainer….blew me away how pretty it was. I have stayed in the east coast since I have been on my on.

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