Rescue Driver

I guess you can call me the “rescue driver”. It seems all I have been doing lately is getting our company out of jams when other drivers mess up. I don’t mind it at all, but sometimes it screws up my time on getting done what I’m actually supposed to be doing. Our company has right at 35 terminals all over the country & so far I have dropped my load & picked up loads from 3 of our terminals & delivered them for the driver’s that picked them up. To me, that’s saving somebody’s ass. I also look at it as helping the company I work for out…that’s my job right?

Now, this past week it has jumped off into a whole new level. I loaded in Baltimore the other day to go to Indiana. While I was on my way, my dispatcher called me & asked if I would drop my load at our Columbus yard & pick up a loaded trailer there that got towed because the driver got shut down by the DOT. I get there, drop mine & couldn’t find the other one. My dispatcher then calls me & tells me that he got towed to a tow place in Cleveland. So, I had to drive to Cleveland, take that driver to a hotel & then go back to the tow place & get his loaded trailer. By the time I got back, I was out of driving time. So, I had to sleep on that tow yard next to a stinking ass dumpster. I got up the next morning & headed to Manteno IL with his load. One the way there I got my next load sent to me & it was loading at the same place I was delivering. Well, by the time they got me loaded, I had to spend the night at their dock door because I was out of time again. (See what I mean about these extra rescue loads messing with my time)? I was all set to get up at 8:00 this morning & bring that load down to Missouri after talking those nice people into letting me sleep there…..& then here it comes again. A dispatcher from our home office in Phoenix calls me at 5:30 this morning asking me to take an empty trailer to Joliet, IL because a driver ran under a bridge that wasn’t high enough & he got stuck under it & they wanted to offload his trailer onto mine. I had to tell him that it would make me late for my delivery & that I didn’t have an empty. I have no problem at all helping when I’m needed, just don’t like it messing me up on my actual loads. I don’t won’t to tell them no ( hear of drivers doing that all the time, or turning down loads)…’s my job to do what they need done, but give me a little more breathing room between these & my loads ya know? Hope you all are having a great week. Kiss your spouses, I sure miss mine & can’t do it right now.

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