The Small Towns

One of the cool things about my new job of course is getting to see so much of the country. We travel on the interstates mostly, but sometimes have to get off onto some of the small two lane highways. That can be tricky because you really have to pay attention & make sure you are on road that trucks can be on. The cool thing though is getting to see (or drive through) all the little, older, small towns that you never even knew were there. Some of them even make you think of the old tv shows. I had to deliver in Olney IL early this morning & to get here I had to get off of Interstate 70 & take IL 130. That sent me through a little town called “Newton”. It was so small & alot of the buildings were really old. It was so small that the Chevrolet Dealership only had room for two cars in the showroom… See what I mean? Before this job, I would have never heard of it or for damn sure would have never seen it. You all know or have seen some of my photography & know that I like to shoot old buildings & things like that. That’s what makes it pretty cool for me to see these things. Maybe one day I can stop & shoot some pictures. Sorry, but no picture this time. My WordPress app is being an ass & the internet side wasn’t any better. Til next time peeps…

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2 thoughts on “The Small Towns

  1. Hello! I really enjoy your blog, it is very informative and well written. We would love to have you write a guest post for us! If you’d be interested you can check out our Guest Posting page at or shoot me an email at Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • Hello Rachel, Thanks so much for stopping by & saying such good things. So nice of you to ask me to write a guest post. That’s cool with me, just not sure if I would be good at it. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was finally on some “home time” & my phone doesn’t get a signal where I live nor can we get the internet. I’m back out on the road now, so might could squeeze something out. Shoot me an e-mail to & give me some info. Thanks again…..Jason

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