I Love It

Well, after 27 years of working I have finally found a job that I absolutely love. After 3 weeks of an 11 hour a day school, 5 weeks on the road training, now a month on my own….I am so much more happy with my career & life. I have a wonderful family & now a job to go along with it. I will be 44 in November & as long as my health & eyesight stays good, I can pretty much stay at this until I’m in my early 70’s. So it’s basically like starting over….building up new benefits & starting up a whole new retirement plan. By the time I’m ready to hang up the keys, my wife & I should be able to sit back, relax, & enjoy what’s left of our lives together.

Yes, it has been really hard being away from them for such long periods of time, but when I do get home, it makes it that much better for all of us from missing each other so bad. Plus, I know it will better for them in the long run. I have a chance here to make more money than I ever have & that has to be good for them right? I already have been bringing home $300/week more than I did at the job that I quit to pursue this. I should have done this a long time ago. I have been around this profession in some sort of way for a long time….I guess actually driving one was next & last on the list. I managed guys that loaded trucks for almost three years, I was a broker for about a year & a half, then I was also a dispatcher for close to two years.

It’s really hard, (which I like because if it were easy, you would get bored), you get to see all kinds of things & cities that you might not have ever gotten the chance to see otherwise. You don’t really have time to get out, enjoy, or do things, but seeing things you have always wanted to is really cool. There are so many things to keep up with & remember along with paying attention & driving safely. It’s always different each day even though you might go to some of the same places. Getting to a new place & trying to figure out how in the hell your gonna get this 53 ft trailer in there is always a challenge, but keeps you on your toes. Maybe someday something may hit me wrong & make me think (you dumbass, why did you get into this), but right now I am really loving it. I kinda see now how people can say “I love my job & enjoy getting up & going to work”, because I have sure never been able to say that before. Any of you out there that are truck drivers that might have stumbled across my blog, come check out the group I started on Facebook for truck drivers. Would love to have you as a part of it. The Truck Stop

Gonna leave you with a shot of my new hot rod.

Til next time peeps…


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4 thoughts on “I Love It

  1. I am trying to go back to school for Web design in September….I am 48 đŸ™‚ better late than never finding out what you love to do right? Good for you and Congrats at finding something awesome for work đŸ™‚

    • Thank you Donna, that’s cool. I have always wanted to be able to do that too. I taught myself basic HTML many years ago & then it all switched to CSS code & I got lost & gave up. Happy for you too. Get on with it…you will be great at it.

  2. Happy for you! Now… I’ve always wondered what the little “apartments” in those truck cabs looked like? Do truckers use those a lot?

    • Thanks buddy, shoot yea….it’s where I sleep every night while I’m out. Have two beds in here & little closets & compartments for my clothes. I can also put in a tv, Xbox, & blu-ray player. Just haven’t yet. It’s really kinda cool.

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