Kinda Crazy If You Ask Me

Ok, I grew up in Tennessee (Bartlett) & now live in Mississippi, both of which have helmets laws for people that ride motorcycles. Since I have become a truck driver, it still freaks me out (haven’t gotten used to it yet) driving through all these different states & seeing people riding with no helmets on. In my opinion, I think it should be up to the rider & not the state if you have to wear one or not. But, every time I pass somebody on a bike without a helmet I’m thinking “man you better get one on before you get busted”. It just looks strange to me.

I can understand cruising downtown or around a place on “Bike Night”, but these people that are cruising on the interstate at 60+ mph are just asking for it. I grew up racing motocross, 3 & 4-wheelers & even had an 08 Victory Hammer for 3 years, so I know all about them as much as the next biker, but please get your helmets on while on the interstate. I would hate to bump one of you with this big ass 80,000 lb truck I’m driving. Gonna leave you with a shot of the Hammer I had. (Wish I still had it). Til next time peeps…


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2 thoughts on “Kinda Crazy If You Ask Me

  1. Man, that Hammer looked good. Maybe its time for another……

    • Yes twotire & Thank you. It was beautiful & had a factory custom paint job. Would love to have another one someday.

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