What A Week

Well, a couple of weeks ago I had a good one….lol. It started with a load from South Carolina going to Indiana. About 30 minutes into driving while in a construction zone, I had a blow out. It took the guy about an hour to get to me after they called & asked where I was. He then gets my truck jacked up & realized that he left his impact wrench & tells me that he would be right back. Well, this goober then pulls out of the drive where I was parked & left his tailgate down, so he drops two truck tires in the middle of the road. All n all I was down about 4 hours.

That naturally made me late for my appointment in Indiana so they wouldn’t take my load (said it had to be rescheduled). Dispatch then tells me to drop it at our terminal in Indy, grab an empty trailer & go on to my next load. I get to our terminal & there were only 4 refrigerated trailers & they were all red tagged (needed something fixed on them). So I spent the night there & was able to get one in the morning. I head to my load (drop the empty there & pick up a loaded trailer). Well, the loaded one was missing a mudflap so I had to go back north to get one put on.

I got that fixed & headed on to Atlanta. These jokers take 6 hours to unload me. I was to then take my emptied trailer to Macon Georgia, drop it & pick up a loaded trailer going back to Memphis to get me home. I go to check in & the girl asked if I could wait a few? I said sure….it was loaded alright, on another company’s trailer. So, I had to wait until they switched it over to me.

I finally make it back to Memphis to deliver that load & these people tell me that it was supposed to have been there the night before & now has to be rescheduled. I dropped that baby at my home terminal & went to the house. See what fun this truck driving can be? I will tell you in all seriousness, after 27 years of working….I have found a job that I absolutely love. Just really miss my family. That being said, gonna leave you with a shot of our little boy since you all haven’t seen him in a while. Til next time peeps…


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3 thoughts on “What A Week

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  2. Such a cutie!!

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