Sure Need My GPS

Well, I finished my training & got back home last Thursday. We got back to our terminal, I tested out & got my own truck. Got to go home that day & spend time with my family….it was great. I started on my first load as a solo driver on Tuesday. I got loaded with ice cream about 80 miles from the house in Covington TN. I then had to deliver it in Hazelton PA last night by midnight. My trainer had a GPS & I was so used to it, really hard on me starting without one. Didn’t make much money during training so I wasn’t able to get one before I left. I know in the older days truckers didn’t have them, but I really need it. They have truck routes built into them. There are certain roads that you can’t get on in a truck. If you have never been to that city, it’s hard to get around. I had a load today picking up in Gloucester City NJ & because of terrible traffic on the outskirts of Philly…I was late & missed my load. Now I am stuck here all night in a parking lot on the port waiting for a new load in the morning.

I am loving it so far but am so uncomfortable not having a GPS. I did get one ordered & it came in today but that does me no good here. The company gives us a route plan, but it just lists the roads….doesn’t say how far to go on one before you get to the next one, nor does it give you directions to the place you are going once you get into the city. I so miss her little voice telling me how far I have left, the speed limit, & what time I should arrive. Once I get that girl in my truck, think this will be my favorite job ever….lol. Gonna leave you all with this old building that I am parked in front of. Til next time peeps…


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