Young Man & A Peep Show

Ok fellas, remember growing up & you were taught to yank your arm up & down when passing an 18-wheeler to get them to reach up & pull that string to blow their loud air horn? Well, I got my first one of those last week. I glanced over to my left while driving & this young man was cranking his little arm really hard for me to do that. Well, the trucking industry is trying to phase those out because they are too loud & scare drivers so ours is just a button on the steering wheel & it doesn’t sound like much more than a regular horn. I am training in a 2013 International. I hit that little button & made him smile, but sure wish that I could have pulled that string & really surprised him. Still brought back good memories of being that little boy a long time ago…lol.

Now for the second part, I was driving up 55 North in Missouri heading to Chicago last night, I glanced over to my left & there was this mini-van riding right beside us. This big ole girl in the passenger seat had her left leg thrown up on the dashboard & had her big ole boobs flipped out & was just a smiling at me. Have heard about this, but this was my first time to experience it since I have been out. Nice little surprise while driving down the road. I have also heard all the stories about the ladies (basically hookers) at the truck stops taking advantage of the lonely truck drivers at the truck stops. They call them “lot lizards”. I have yet to see one of them yet. I’m sure as hell not gonna mess with one, but would be neat to just see one walking around the lot just to see what really goes on & to say that I have seen it. Gonna leave you all with a shot of the freeway we went under while cruising through Atlanta. Til next time peeps…


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2 thoughts on “Young Man & A Peep Show

  1. Lol you should have taken a picture of the “peep show” instead of the bridge! You guys have a birdseye view inside cars. I’m sure you’ll see some pretty crazy shit over the years while on the road. Especially after hours… I’m always amazed how different the world seems, the places and especially the people you see at rest stops, when driving in the middle of the night.

    • I was driving Steve so couldn’t pick up my phone to take a picture…..big no-no getting caught on a cell in a truck….lol. I’m sure I will see some crazy stuff as I go along. Your right though….really weird shit at the rest areas.

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