Pretty Places

When I first started out on this job there were a bunch of states that I hadn’t been to before. Now, I only have about 9 left to see. I know some of these won’t be a big deal to some of you because you may have been there, are from there, or live there now, but I just wanted to list a few that I thought were really pretty. My first week out we were up in the North East. Virginia & Pennsylvania were really nice driving around & through the mountains & hills (although kinda scary for a first time driver in a heavy ass truck). Really pretty colors in the trees & I love seeing all rock walls on the side of the road.

One that really surprised me was Albuquerque New Mexico. Not many trees or much grass, but all the rocks & stuff were really sharp. Back home where I’m from in between the interstate we have just boring grass. Here it was all decorated with different colored gravel in patterns & trees & plants. There were even guys out there raking the gravel in certain areas to keep it clean looking. Really cool to look at while you are driving.

The next two spots that just blew me away. Oregon & Washington. Really scary turns, hills, & downgrades for truckers (can especially see during winter time), but man what beautiful stuff to look at. Mountains covered in trees, rock, snow & amazing clearwater streams & rivers running all around you. I’m a huge fan of any kind of water feature. So beautiful & relaxing to me. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind retiring up there somewhere. If you get a chance, maybe plan your next vacation to one of these spots instead of the same ole one you always do (growing up we went to Destin Florida every single year). Gonna leave you with a shot of one of the rivers beside the road in Washington. Til next time peeps…


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4 thoughts on “Pretty Places

  1. Albuquerque New Mexico, Oregon & Washington, all places I’ve heard of Jason, but never a hope of visiting, … so ’tis always great to visit via others descriptions.. . beautiful photo capture.. xPenx

  2. Beautiful!!

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