Training Is Coming To An End

Well, week 3 of my training is almost over. I have learned so much & getting better at backing all the time. You all should try to back a 53 ft trailer in between 2 other trucks at a truck stop…lol. I should be done by the middle or end of next week & get to come home for a few days to be with my family. Then I will get my own truck & be on my own….can’t wait. All my sacrifice, commitment, & hard work is about to start paying off. We have been almost 10,000 miles in 2 & half weeks & have seen (or been through) 12 states that I have never seen before. I am in the refrigerated division (reefer trailer) side of the company so we get to haul all the temperature sensitive stuff. You never know what in the world you are gonna carry next. We have hauled….ice cream, beer, candy bars, seafood, & now a load of french fries. That’s just a few of the things. It’s so funny when talking to my wife & saying “Guess what I’m hauling today”? Well, I’m gonna go for now so I can deliver these fries to Wisconsin (another state I haven’t been to). Gonna leave you with a shot of an old barn that was in South Dakota. Til next time peeps…


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2 thoughts on “Training Is Coming To An End

  1. made me smile, Jason, looking at the tags… mobile photography… Mobility being the operative word… 🙂 … Happy trails , just off to catch up on your next update.. xPenx

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