Hello Everybody, I’m Back

How has everybody been? I sure have missed you all. I’m sorry for the long time away. Since we last spoke, I have made a big change in my life & figured that I would have alot more to write about. I took out everything from the past except my “blog roll” that holds the keys to all the blogs for the great people I met along the way before. I wanted to start fresh & also have a new look (it was sure time for that).

Anyway, I got fed up with working hard for people or companies for crappy pay & that didn’t appreciate me or treat me right. I also was tired of not being able to provide for my family better. I started trying to figure out what I thought I would enjoy & that didn’t have people or bosses breathing down my damn neck all day & treating me wrong. I saw a commercial for a school over one weekend & talked to my wife about it. I gave my job a one week notice (the last week of March) & began school on April the 1st to become a truck driver. The school was 11 hours a day for 3 weeks. I graduated on April the 19th with a final grade of 98. There was alot more to it than I thought & it was really tough (especially for somebody that hasn’t been in school or had to study in 25 years). The bigger trucking companies came to the school each week to try & recruit us students. I narrowed it down to one out of the four that pre-hired me & have now been on the road with a trainer for 2 weeks & 2 days. After about 4 weeks if the trainer decides I am ready, I get to go back home & I get my own truck to start this on my own. It has been tough being away from my family this long, but it will be better for them in the long run. Once on my own I will be home more anyway. So far I love it (except missing them), but it has been tough. There is so much more to it than you can imagine. You are not just out there driving a truck. So much more & alot to remember & keep up with.

I decided to come back to you all in this new direction because I am sure I will have all kinds of stories from the road. Also, you all know about my photography stuff & I am getting great shots. Will try to add a new one to each post for you all to enjoy. I will be able to show you places that you might not get to see. I have already been to so many states that I have never been to.

Well, that’s enough to get this new adventure kicked off & plus I drove right at 600 miles today & am worn out. Hope you all come back & I hope to bring in some new friends as well. I also re-did my “About” page if you want to take a look. Here is a shot I got at a truck stop in Washington. Til next time peeps…


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6 thoughts on “Hello Everybody, I’m Back

  1. Welcome back babe and congrats on your new direction.

  2. Cool, welcome back to the “slam”. Glad the driving is working out, always figured there was so much more than just driving. Just the record keeping probably took up a good chunk of your time. Anyway, will be some time on the road, but it makes the time home that much better. And being on the road generates LOTS of stories!

    • Thanks Steve, & yes the record keeping, all the info you have to take to check in with the shippers…..hell there is a bunch just to fuel up….lol You hit the last two parts right on the head.

  3. Welcome Back, and I’ll look forward to reading your stories Jason, drive well and keep safe… see ya soon. xPenx

    • I’m really trying to drive safe. It is fun, alot different than driving a car cross country…lol

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